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23 Mar

Top 10 Must Have Beach Items for Spring Break

What’s a totally awesome spring break vacation without the latest beach accessories, right?! We’ve put together a list of the top ten must have beach items for Spring Break so that you will have nonstop fun your entire vacation.

#1 – My Cabana Boy

If you don’t have your own cabana boy to apply your sunscreen in all of those hard to reach spots, don’t sweat it! The My Cabana Boy sunscreen applicator does the job for you. Featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and on The Today Show, My Cabana Boy is ergonomically designed to help you reach all of your intended spots – not your neighbor or thin air.

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#2 – Powder Pouch

They say that sand is the glitter of the south. It gets everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of. And, the last thing you want after a day at the beach, is a car full of sand. The Powder Pouch solves this sandy problem by using powder in a refillable pouch to easily brush the sand away. The Powder Pouch comes pre-filled but can then be refilled with your favorite powder. It’s also perfect for the gym, traveling, and it eliminates the mess that comes with a bottle of powder.

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#3 – The Tillow Towel

Soaking up the sun doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with the Tillow Towel.The Tillow is a large beach towel with a removable orthopedic foam pillow for ultimate comfort and relaxation. It features a touchscreen pocket for your smartphone so you can listen to music and send messages without risk of damage, and a camouflaged water-resistant storage space to keep your belongings safe from sand, water, and strangers. It also comes with a removable lounge chair belt that doubles as a carrying strap.

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#4 – Sunburn Alert

Featured on Good Morning America, the Sunburn Alert takes the guesswork out of when to reapply your sunscreen. Available as a sticker or a wristband, they detect harmful UVA/UVB rays and change colors when it’s time to reapply. The best part is that they are waterproof, so they are perfect for kids and adults.

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#5 – SAFEGO: The Ultimate Portable Safe

Keep your mind at ease as you surf the waves or take a stroll along the beach with the SAFEGO Ultimate Portable Safe. Now, your valuables are safe and secure in this portable water, sand, and salt resistant safe. Moreover, they also provide convenient earphone and charging accessibility even while your phone or music player is locked away. Featured on Travel Channel and in Real Simple Magazine, the SAFEGO Ultimate Portable Safe is a must have for added security on your next beach vacation.

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#6 – Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

See and experience the emerald green waters like never before with the Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask. The Seaview 180° is the original full-face snorkel mask that allows you to see more, stay out longer, and experience more sea life than ever before. With an anti-leak design and fog resistant technology, the Seaview 180° allows you to breathe naturally through your nose or mouth and explore like never before.

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#7 – Corkcicle Arctican

Who needs a cooler at the beach when you have the Corkcicle Artican?! The Corkcicle Artican is the ultimate koozie keeping your can cold for up to three hours. Simply freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold beverage and enjoy ice cold drinks for up to three hours. Not only can you fit a 12-ounce can in the Artican, but you can also keep your bottles nice and chilly with the sleeve adapter, too.

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#8 – Sport-Brella

Is it a beach umbrella, a sun tent, or a weather shelter? The answer is yes! It’s the Sport-Brella.With an innovative design, the Sport-Brella protects you from the elements but won’t restrict your view. The umbrella is also sun-safe, with a UPF 50+ coating that protects users from more than 99.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays. It also features side flaps that fold down to protect you from sideways rain and wind gusts. And to keep you cool on sunny days, the Sport-Brella offers top wind vents and side zippered windows for cross-ventilation.

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#9 – Parasheet Beach Blanket

This 100% parachute nylon blanket is great for outside lounging on the sand, grass and everywhere in between.The patented sand pocket design helps fight beach winds, keeping your blanket in-place, while the added stake loops are great for use on firm ground. Unlike your typical towel, the Parasheet Beach Blanket has plenty of room for you, a friend, your beach gear, and even your furry friend.

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#10 – CGear Sand-Free Bag

Don’t bring half the beach home with you! Now, tote your must-have beach accessories to the beach in the CGear Sand-Free Bag. Originally developed as a deployable Heli mat for military and civilian helicopters to land in sandy and dusty environments, the dual-layer weave technology allows the sand to sift through the bag without coming back up.

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What are your favorite must-have beach items for your Spring Break vacation?