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12 Jan

Making 2018 the Best Year EVER

The New Year is here! Who has already abandoned their unrealistic resolutions? So many of us are guilty of making lofty resolutions every year with high hopes and excitement – only to burn out or never really get started. In the whole “new year, new me” cliche, the “new me” part never happens. But, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that while nearly 40% of American make New Year’s resolutions, only about 8% actually achieve them. Heck, 80% fail by the second week of February.

At Howard Hospitality, we want all of our staff to live healthy lifestyles. To truly be the best that they can be. So, as we begin this New Year, we are encouraging our team to make simple promises to themselves that they could live by daily. We started our journey with ten resolutions in mind:


You can do it!



Live authentically. – Be genuine, transparent, and vulnerable. Be honest with yourself and let that honesty dictate your everyday life, thoughts, and actions to live a more open, honest, and engaged life.

Never accept anything less than 100%. – Life is way too short to settle for anything less than 100%. This applies to every aspect of our lives. From relationships, to careers, to the people we surround ourselves with. Really, to the entirety of how we live our lives. If we settle for anything less than 100%, then we will never experience true happiness and fulfillment.

It’s okay to say “no.” – Saying “no” doesn’t come easily to everyone. Once you succumb to the idea that saying “no” is okay and you start taking control and saying “no” to different things, you will have a sense of liberation.  It will feel like you’re able to actually breathe. Saying “no” is a simple resolution that can make a positive impact on your life.

Sometimes, just say “yes.” – It may seem like a contradiction to the previous resolution of saying “no,” but sometimes saying “yes” to things can take your life in a whole other direction. Life is way too short to not say “yes” to trying new things. So try saying “yes” to stepping out on a limb, taking new adventures, meeting new people and places, and to ultimately living your best life.

Be a better “you” spiritually, mentally, and physically than you were the year before. – In order to be successful and actually see results, we have to make small changes in our lives. These changes can be small ones. Making daily adjustments spiritually, mentally, and physically throughout the entire year without an end goal in mind can make you end the year in a better place than when you started.

Be your own priority. – When we don’t make ourselves a priority, we lose focus of who we really are and our true purpose. It’s when we forget about ourselves that we begin a downward spiral mentally and physically. Your goals get lost. What makes you happy gets lost. Putting yourself first allows you to accomplish what you want and are destined to do.

Try everything twice. – Sometimes we approach things with expectations or even apprehensions that hinder us from fully enjoying or experiencing it wholeheartedly. By holding true to the resolution of trying everything twice, we are able to conquer fears, find new interests, meet new people, and experience things that help us become a better-rounded person.

Take time to disconnect. – It’s so important to make it a point periodically to put our phones down, turn off the devices, and just focus the here and now. It’s when we disconnect that we become more in tune with ourselves and those around us. Not only that, but we are more refreshed and cognitive to the things around us.

Let “hope” be your anchor. – With all that life throws at us, it gets tough, but when we anchor ourselves to something like hope, it’s much easier to push through those hard times. Having hope be your anchor gives you something to look forward to and reminds you that things always get better.

No day but today. – It’s common to think that we have our lives planned out. And then, WHAM. Things change. That’s when we realize that we can’t live a planned life when we aren’t guaranteed the next day. We need to focus on the “now” and live in the present and not live in fear of “what if.” When we change our mindset and outlook on life to reflect this, we gain this sense of freedom from worry and stress and pressure that we actually put on ourselves. Instead, we are able to focus on the things and people we love, and we become conscious of every step that we take on our current path.

Unleash your inner greatness!



Here at Howard Hospitality, we are a very strong and close team – you might even say a family – and we decided that we would build upon our top ten resolutions. Our company decided to complete the Whole Life Challenge program together this year. The Whole Life Challenge is a six-week online program that you can complete individually or as a team where you get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobilize, Sleep, Hydrate, Well-Being, and Reflect. The Habits work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate. After a few weeks, you feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy, and even happier. The program also gives you a base knowledge about health and wellness that lasts long after the Challenge ends. It gives you the tools you need to build a healthier you for years to come. To learn more about the Whole Life Challenge, visit their website or download the app.

All in all, a New Year’s resolution isn’t a goal with certain parameters that we have to achieve in a year’s time. A New Year’s resolution is a journey that may start at the beginning of a new year, but continues on indefinitely as we grow and learn. When you actively work towards becoming a better “me” you experience the happiness that can only be experienced when you discover the person – the “new me” – that you were created to be.

So, as we give a toast to the New Year, what is your New Year’s resolution? What does your “new me” look like? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!


Be who you were meant to be.