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21 Oct

Everyone Needs a Buddy

A Tale of Two Weiner Dogs


This is a story about Stella the Wiener Dog.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet puppy named Stella. Stella had a mommy and a daddy and a big furry sister named Manny and she was happy.  The years went by, and soon Stella had a new human brother. And then a new human sister. Her family was bigger and made her even more happy. Chasing cats made Stella the most happy, er, happiest, but that is a different story for another day.

More years went by, and Stella grew happier and happier! She also grew a little bit rounder, but this also made her happy. Stella knew she was one lucky pup. She had an amazing human family and an awesome fur-sister and she lived in the most beautiful place in the world. Plus, there were a lot of squirrels in her backyard and she loved barking at them.

One day, Stella’s older fur-sister Manny crossed the Rainbow Bridge to an even happier place. Stella knew that Manny’s spirit was always with her, especially when she was hunting lizards in the yard, but she still felt a little lonely. Stella played dress up with her human sister, but it wasn’t the same as laying in the sun with Manny. Sometimes, her mommy and daddy’s friends would come over and bring her fur-cousins for a visit! She liked these fur-cousins a lot.

Stella taking a selfie with her cousin Emmie.

Stella taking a selfie with her cousin Emmie.

Stella looking for lizards with her cousin Doc.

Stella looking for lizards with her cousin Doc.

One morning, Stella’s mom said something to Stella’s dad about going to “Alaqua” and how “everyone needs a buddy.” Stella didn’t know what “Alaqua” was, but the way her mommy said it made her excited. Stella’s mommy looked at Stella and told her that she was going to bring home a special surprise for her. Stella hoped it was a new stuffed frog toy. Or maybe bacon. Bacon also made Stella happy.

So Stella’s mommy and daddy and human brother and human sister left the house. And Stella waited. And waited. She was excited and wanted to be good so she would get her surprise. She didn’t chew on any of the Skylanders toys that her human brother had left on the living room rug. She was a good girl.

Stella heard the car pull up in the driveway and her tail began to wag all on its own (sometimes it did that, and she couldn’t help it). The front door opened and Stella was ready for her surprise. Maybe it was a new collar! In walked her human brother and human sister, and in walked her daddy. And then finally, inside walked her mommy; holding a little something in her arms. Stella wondered what it was!

It was not a stuffed frog toy, or a new collar, or even bacon. Stella’s mommy told her that this was her new baby fur-brother and his name was Coto. Stella jumped and leapt and ran around in circles at least 27 times and licked Coto on the face. He was smaller than her, but he was the same shape as her! Well, maybe he was a little less round. This was the best surprise she had ever gotten.

Stella’s mommy told her that she had to be the best big furry sister and watch out for Coto and teach him how to be a good boy. Stella remembered how Manny was a good big sister to her, and promised that she would take care of Coto just like Manny took care of her.

Stella and Coto took naps together. They chased lizards together. They barked at squirrels together. And Stella thought to herself that this was the happiest. And that whoever “Alaqua” was, she had to thank them for her new brother.

Stella and her new brother Coto with their human family!

Stella and her new brother Coto with their human family!


Thank you for reading our story about Stella (and her new brother Coto)! Stella belongs to Tania Koehler, our Director of Hotel Operations for Howard Hospitality. Our company is a huge supporter of the Alaqua Animal Refuge and their “Everyone needs a buddy” campaign. For more information on the Alaqua Animal Refuge, and how you can adopt, volunteer, or donate, please visit