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Pikachu lives on Grand Boulevard, and 4 other reasons you should (Poké)stop by!

If you don’t know what Pokémon GO is then you are probably a cat. Or someone who lives off the grid and doesn’t have a social media. In which case, good for you! If you are a cat, go take another nap, you deserve it. If you’re a doomsday-prepper, then please tell me where I can find affordable Solar Power for my home, I deserve it.

Anyway, back to the point. Pokémon GO has swept the nation. And it’s not just kids who are choosing Pikachu. Millennials and Gen Xers are gravitating to the game in droves; some to relive the joys of Pokémon Snap from their youth (shout out to Nintendo64 #N64forlife) and other simply because they understand the magnitude of the first augmented reality game available for FREE, en masse, to everyone with a smart phone and a data plan.

If you find yourself in South Walton looking for a Snorlax that you can level up, you have to visit Grand Boulevard. (No seriously, I just caught a Snorlax with 956 CP like two days ago in front of Altar’d State).

Reason 1 to come on down to the Boulevard –

There are two gyms within walking distance of each other. And I don’t mean “half a mile” walking distance, I mean like 500 feet. P.F. Changs and the Grand Park Fountain are both excellent gyms. Mostly because if you need to settle in and battle it out for 30 minutes they’ve got tables, chairs and snacks! (And let’s be real, you’re going to fire up a Lucky Egg and hunker down for some double XP sweetness). If you are hitting up P.F. Changs with friends I highly recommend the Chang’s Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup. There’s more than enough to go around! If you are headed to the fountain, be sure to check out the menu at the Formula Fresh Kiosk in Grand Park (my personal favorite is the BE HOT).

Pokémon Gym

  Pokémon Gym # 1 on Grand Boulevard – P.F. Changs

The P.F. Changs Gym

The P.F. Changs Gym

Pokémon Gym #2 on Grand Boulevard

Pokémon Gym #2 on Grand Boulevard Grand Park

Formula Fresh and Grand Park

Formula Fresh and Grand Park

(Yes, this is my account. Yes, I am level 15. Team Mystic. Be jealous).

Reason 2 –

And then there are the Pokéstops – and boy are there a bunch! If you are looking to hatch some eggs in a jiffy, you can do a solid walkabout of the Pokéstops and get some Great Balls, Revives and Lure Modules in the process! There are Pokéstops at the entrance sign by Region’s bank, the Boulevard 10 movie theatre, at the Tommy Bahamas Pavilion, the wall art by Brooks Brothers and the fountain in front of Publix to name a few. Plus, you’ll never know what crazy cool Pokémon you’ll find on the way!

A Pokéstop!

A Pokéstop!

Another Pokéstop!

Another Pokéstop!

Which brings me to…

Reason 3 –

Tons of great Pokémon! In addition to my Snorlax, I’ve also caught a Tangela, a Ninetails, and a Jigglypuff right here on Grand Boulevard. It’s not all Pidgeys and Rattatas people. (Side note, there are a TON of Magnemites at the Silver Sands Premium Outlet Mall, so definitely stop by there too on your PokéQuest for a chance to do some awesome leveling up).

Reason 4 –

You’re gonna make some great friends. Because there are going to be tons of fellow nerds running around in the beautiful Florida Sun, trying to catch enough Bulbasaurs to evolve their Ivysaur to a Venusaur. So don’t be shy! If you see some cool cats hanging out at the Craft Bar on Grand Boulevard swiping their phones maniacally, then say hi. After all, rumor has it that it’s only a matter of time before we can start trading!

What are some of your favorite catches on Grand Boulevard? Any tips and tricks for fellow players? Leave us your feedback in the comments and thanks for reading!

(My sincerest apologies to anyone who read this blog post who is not currently obsessed with Pokémon GO. Also, please practice critical thinking and safety while playing!)